Happy Kitty Sewing: August 2012   

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RIP Samsung

I know I haven't posted in quite awhile.  No excuses come to mind :)

My smartphone is dead.  RIP.  I'm not that upset about it.  I've had Verizon forever.  It's the ONLY cellphone provider that will work consistently in my house.  That means my phone will ring every time I get a call or text.  I can't always talk on it in my house, but just as long as I get my calls on time, I don't care because I have a landline.  I hated when I would get 50 texts or voicemails when I would move my cellphone 5 inches over on my nightstand.  It used to be so annoying.

I waited and waited to upgrade my last phone two years ago, because I heard that Verizon was going to start carrying the iphone.  I would drive to different Verizon stores in Ann Arbor or Canton just to see if they would say something different.  I have beautiful blue eyes that sometimes will work in my advantage :)  So anyways, two months after I got my Samsung, Verizon announced that they were going to carry Apple products.  I wasn't THAT upset, because I grew to love my little Samsung.  I love Samsung products.  I have a giant plasma by Samsung hanging on my wall that is so beautiful.

So that takes us to the Now.  Now I have the chance to finally get an iphone.  Do I wanna switch over?  Or will I stick to something non-Apple?  I don't like Apple products.  I will never get a computer made by Apple.  ever.  I like the ipad, but I haven't never liked Apple computers.  I plan on hitting up a Verizon store this week to check out my options.  I really want to get a new phone before September starts so I can keep up with Sept.'s photoaday list.  So my posts may be naked for awhile.

September's Photoaday #FMSphotoaday

Who is with me?!!!  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I feel boring.

So in the last week, I have pretty much done the sane thing every day.  It takes me an hour or so to check email.  Another hour or so, checking out other blogs, an hour or so on facebook.  You get the point.  Then I sit here and try to come up with some interesting to post on this new blog.

The thing is, I'm not focused on one or two things.  I'm not a mom with 5 kids, or obsessed with coupons, or just married, or dress up and take pictures of myself, or take a bunch of pictures to share on here.  I wouldn't be good at any of those things.  I appreciate the ones that are!  I'm not making light of them, I just don't feel that I am.  Know what I mean?

Right now, I'm not employed, and even if I was, there are only so many things I can talk about and still consider myself a professional.  How many of you guys would like your nurses coming home and blogging about YOU or your family?!  Right?  Plus there's HIPPA.  It sounds like a Monster Hippo, and it's probably a group of people that are worse than that.  I like to stay out of trouble these days.

So I haven't been excited about much lately.  I found a few jobs worth applying to, which is great.

I found out that my Life Path Number is 7.   It's so simple to figure out yours.  Ok, so I was born:
May 3, 1979.  So May=5, for the fifth month.  Then you basically add up the numbers.

They say to do your year first, so make sure you do all four digits. Mine is 1+9+7+9=26.
Then you add up those digits, until you are left with a single digit.  So, 2+6=8.
So now I have 5+3+8=16.  ***UNLESS you have 11,22, or 33, add up the digits until you get a single digit.

So, 1+6=7.  7 is my Life Path Number.  Then I googled it and found out that it is SUPER EERILY similar to what I am like in real life.  For some reason 11,22, & 33 are known as Master Numbers, which I think is a rare thing to have (compared to the general population). (DON't quote me on that!)

Of course this is basic Numerology.  I don't put much faith in my horoscope or astrology, because they are often written in ways that can be broadly interpreted for many different situations.

This website was really cool to look at.  You can figure out what your Life Path Number is there.

Sorry I don't really have much else for you.  Today has been a pretty normal, boring week for me!

Friday, August 10, 2012

FROM Whispering Sweet Nothings:

Shane, from Whispering Sweet Nothings is doing some really cool, that I wish I would have thought of, not gonna lie!!

So she is entering The Clean Teeth Scholarship from Target to create blessing bags for people in need with the prizes she wins!  Basically she made a video, which you can watch on her blog (see above!), that displays on the Target facebook page. Then you get an option to share with your friends on facebook or twitter.  She has 146 votes right now, so everyone that can help out, should do it! You can vote EVERY day from


so we aren't even at the half-way point yet.  Even though I would do this bc I this she's awesome, but she is also offering an incentive for YOU!

Didn't I tell you she's awesome?  She is giving away these really nice prizes:

  • $50 Eden Fantasys Gift Card
  • $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card
  • $25 Target Gift Card
  • $16 DSW Gift Card

Which is over the top generous, don't yah think?!  Think about all the people that can truly benefit from her blessing bags!  She is even going to spend her cash prize on items for the bags.  She is truly an sweet, generous person.  So go check out her blog, then go vote!! EVERY day until the 22nd!!


Gumdrops & Gloss is having a HUGE giveaway.  Go check it out.  One winner gets ALL.  There are some really cool prizes, such as $60 GC for Target and $25 for Starbucks.  My target has a Starbucks in it.  Does yours?  I really hope I win this one!

I have to shop for a dinner/dance gig I'm helping out with that is tomorrow.

My mom spent the night at the hospital last night because her heart was being weird.  TODAY she came home ;)!!!!  And she is fine.  It's probably stress.  Plus it was anniversary week.

I have a meeting to go to.

I want to clear some blog posts.

Finish some stuff on my to-do list.

I know, really exciting post, huh?  I promise I'll try to find some trouble to get into so I can report it to you later.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 Years Ago Today

Angie, my sis

Two years ago, my sister died from cervical cancer.  I talk a bit about this in my Welcome page.  She had JUST turned 29.  This has definitely been the most traumatic event in my life.  The only other person I knew that had died was my Grandpa in 2007, at the age of 89.  I'm just in a weird mood today.  Sometimes it just feels like she is just off doing her own thing, and we didn't really experience the hell we went through for a year and a half.  This pic was taken for my Mom's bday in the September almost a year before she died.  She is two years younger than me.  We had her fiance take a pic of her, Ash (my daughter) and me, and we put it in a frame and gave it to her.  I'm glad we did that.

Ang, Ash, me

Can you believe she went looking like that to this, in only 9 months?

This is the last picture that I know of that have just me and her together.  This was on June 27, 2010.  We had a surprise bday party in the lobby of the hospital.  All her doctors and her nurses that weren't on duty came, plus family and friends.  She was in a lot of pain that day.  I have worked at two different Oncology floors at different hospitals, and NO ONE came close to taking what my sister was on.  The dose to keep her comfortable at the end, could easily have overdosed 20 people not used to pain medicine, and I'm not even including the implanted pain pump that pumped medicine into her spine.  I am not looking great in that picture at all.  The whole ordeal with turning 30 and eating fast food and hospital food all the time, along with being stressed made me gain weight.

 We had a fundraiser at a bowling alley.  I made her go outside and take a pic with her name on the billboard! That's her fiance, Frank.

There's Angie playing foosball with my Dad at one of our Christmas parties, probably right before she was diagnosed.
That was our picture taken on my Dad's surprise 50th Bday party in 2006.

I just miss her.  She had just gotten done with school and was ready to get her teaching certificate to be a teacher.  She never got that chance, and it's not fair.  She was always a really great person.  We gew up fighting a lot, but we were close when we were little.  We would have sleepovers in each other's bedroom.  Things started to get hard in the Middle School years.  When she was a sophomore I had Ash.  I know it was hard to go to the same school and be my sister with all that drama going on.  She had my back though.  I talk to her a lot.  I hope she knows and can hear me.  I don't know what's out there after this.  I think God may have needed a special type of person to do a job, and needed my sister back.  I love you, Sis!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blog Makeover!!

Last week I found out that I was one of five winners to win an entire new blog design from Mommy Blog Designs to celebrate her first anniversary for designing blogs!!! I am really excited, because I haven't liked my blog since I started a few months ago.  I get so frustrated with it, I find myself NOT blogging so I don't have to deal with it.  I was supposed to blog about her super awesome sale that ended today, but I've been really sick this week and haven't been able to do much besides check email.  SO, I'll blog about her services.

She offers 3 different packages:
1.  $29 DIY Pretty PreMade Designs, that you install *DIY for Blogger ONLY.  See here.
2.  Personalized PreMade Designs. Blogger=$69.  Wordpress=$99
3.  Custom Blog Design. Starting prices: Blogger= $149.  Wordpress= $239

The first package is for BLOGGER members only!  You save money by choosing a design without the personalization.  You install it yourself, but all designs come with simple, easy-to-follow instructions to get your blog up and running!  If your budget is tight, but you are wanting a new look, this is a great option to check out!

The second package is for Blogger and Wordpress members.  The benefits included fast and easy service;  she will install it for you within 1 to 2 business days.  You can see what you get by choosing which blog service you have above.  She limits the sale of each blog design 10 times, so you won't see your blog all over the internet!

The third package is an entirely custom blog design! Prices are listed at the top.
All Blogger custom designs come with the following:
Custom designed header
Co-ordinating background
Custom fonts throughout for all text and titles
Two-column wide layout
Co-ordinating footer
Text & border co-ordination
Labour, revisions & installation
Up to 1 hour of post-install support (expires 30 days after install)

All WordPress custom designs come with the following:
Custom designed header
Co-ordinating background
Custom fonts throughout for all test and titles
Two-column wide layout
Co-ordinating footer
Text & border co-ordination
Labour, revisions & installation
The Genesis Premium Theme (**OR you have the option to purchase directly from StudioPress)
Up to 1 hour of post-install support (expires 30 days after install)

She also offers extras like matching Twitter and G+ background pages, menu bars with custom graphics and buttons with code.

I am SO excited for my new blog! I know it will definitely make a difference with the time I spend on it.  PLEASE go take a look for yourselves and when you are ready to make that big change, remember: Mommy BLog Designs.  Or you could come back here and press her button to link up to her page!