Happy Kitty Sewing: I feel boring.   

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I feel boring.

So in the last week, I have pretty much done the sane thing every day.  It takes me an hour or so to check email.  Another hour or so, checking out other blogs, an hour or so on facebook.  You get the point.  Then I sit here and try to come up with some interesting to post on this new blog.

The thing is, I'm not focused on one or two things.  I'm not a mom with 5 kids, or obsessed with coupons, or just married, or dress up and take pictures of myself, or take a bunch of pictures to share on here.  I wouldn't be good at any of those things.  I appreciate the ones that are!  I'm not making light of them, I just don't feel that I am.  Know what I mean?

Right now, I'm not employed, and even if I was, there are only so many things I can talk about and still consider myself a professional.  How many of you guys would like your nurses coming home and blogging about YOU or your family?!  Right?  Plus there's HIPPA.  It sounds like a Monster Hippo, and it's probably a group of people that are worse than that.  I like to stay out of trouble these days.

So I haven't been excited about much lately.  I found a few jobs worth applying to, which is great.

I found out that my Life Path Number is 7.   It's so simple to figure out yours.  Ok, so I was born:
May 3, 1979.  So May=5, for the fifth month.  Then you basically add up the numbers.

They say to do your year first, so make sure you do all four digits. Mine is 1+9+7+9=26.
Then you add up those digits, until you are left with a single digit.  So, 2+6=8.
So now I have 5+3+8=16.  ***UNLESS you have 11,22, or 33, add up the digits until you get a single digit.

So, 1+6=7.  7 is my Life Path Number.  Then I googled it and found out that it is SUPER EERILY similar to what I am like in real life.  For some reason 11,22, & 33 are known as Master Numbers, which I think is a rare thing to have (compared to the general population). (DON't quote me on that!)

Of course this is basic Numerology.  I don't put much faith in my horoscope or astrology, because they are often written in ways that can be broadly interpreted for many different situations.

This website was really cool to look at.  You can figure out what your Life Path Number is there.

Sorry I don't really have much else for you.  Today has been a pretty normal, boring week for me!