Happy Kitty Sewing: 2 Years Ago Today   

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 Years Ago Today

Angie, my sis

Two years ago, my sister died from cervical cancer.  I talk a bit about this in my Welcome page.  She had JUST turned 29.  This has definitely been the most traumatic event in my life.  The only other person I knew that had died was my Grandpa in 2007, at the age of 89.  I'm just in a weird mood today.  Sometimes it just feels like she is just off doing her own thing, and we didn't really experience the hell we went through for a year and a half.  This pic was taken for my Mom's bday in the September almost a year before she died.  She is two years younger than me.  We had her fiance take a pic of her, Ash (my daughter) and me, and we put it in a frame and gave it to her.  I'm glad we did that.

Ang, Ash, me

Can you believe she went looking like that to this, in only 9 months?

This is the last picture that I know of that have just me and her together.  This was on June 27, 2010.  We had a surprise bday party in the lobby of the hospital.  All her doctors and her nurses that weren't on duty came, plus family and friends.  She was in a lot of pain that day.  I have worked at two different Oncology floors at different hospitals, and NO ONE came close to taking what my sister was on.  The dose to keep her comfortable at the end, could easily have overdosed 20 people not used to pain medicine, and I'm not even including the implanted pain pump that pumped medicine into her spine.  I am not looking great in that picture at all.  The whole ordeal with turning 30 and eating fast food and hospital food all the time, along with being stressed made me gain weight.

 We had a fundraiser at a bowling alley.  I made her go outside and take a pic with her name on the billboard! That's her fiance, Frank.

There's Angie playing foosball with my Dad at one of our Christmas parties, probably right before she was diagnosed.
That was our picture taken on my Dad's surprise 50th Bday party in 2006.

I just miss her.  She had just gotten done with school and was ready to get her teaching certificate to be a teacher.  She never got that chance, and it's not fair.  She was always a really great person.  We gew up fighting a lot, but we were close when we were little.  We would have sleepovers in each other's bedroom.  Things started to get hard in the Middle School years.  When she was a sophomore I had Ash.  I know it was hard to go to the same school and be my sister with all that drama going on.  She had my back though.  I talk to her a lot.  I hope she knows and can hear me.  I don't know what's out there after this.  I think God may have needed a special type of person to do a job, and needed my sister back.  I love you, Sis!