Happy Kitty Sewing: RIP Samsung   

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RIP Samsung

I know I haven't posted in quite awhile.  No excuses come to mind :)

My smartphone is dead.  RIP.  I'm not that upset about it.  I've had Verizon forever.  It's the ONLY cellphone provider that will work consistently in my house.  That means my phone will ring every time I get a call or text.  I can't always talk on it in my house, but just as long as I get my calls on time, I don't care because I have a landline.  I hated when I would get 50 texts or voicemails when I would move my cellphone 5 inches over on my nightstand.  It used to be so annoying.

I waited and waited to upgrade my last phone two years ago, because I heard that Verizon was going to start carrying the iphone.  I would drive to different Verizon stores in Ann Arbor or Canton just to see if they would say something different.  I have beautiful blue eyes that sometimes will work in my advantage :)  So anyways, two months after I got my Samsung, Verizon announced that they were going to carry Apple products.  I wasn't THAT upset, because I grew to love my little Samsung.  I love Samsung products.  I have a giant plasma by Samsung hanging on my wall that is so beautiful.

So that takes us to the Now.  Now I have the chance to finally get an iphone.  Do I wanna switch over?  Or will I stick to something non-Apple?  I don't like Apple products.  I will never get a computer made by Apple.  ever.  I like the ipad, but I haven't never liked Apple computers.  I plan on hitting up a Verizon store this week to check out my options.  I really want to get a new phone before September starts so I can keep up with Sept.'s photoaday list.  So my posts may be naked for awhile.