Happy Kitty Sewing: 100th Post   

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

100th Post

EDIT: Aug 2014 This really isn't my 100th post due to the new blog make over in Aug 2014.

It is NOT hard to write 100 posts, haha.  Sorry, but I won't be giving anything any today... Bummer.

BUT I'm excited to report that I finally have some ideas for this po' pathetic blog 'o mine.  Now I've said this a few times, but I have to admit that I started my blog, so I could win some fabric giveaways.  I found Blog Land by searching for quilting tips.  Then I stumbled into the land of fashion blogging, giveaway blogs, and Mommy blogs and everything in between.  I have been hooked ever since.  I learned that straight up giveaways blogs ain't where it's at.  You rarely win and you follow a bunch of terrible Twitter and FB accounts, that I have to spend hours deleting to make more room for the quality blogs that I seem to be adding more to my account every day!  I've been obsessed with reading blogs ever since.  That's why you don't see me post a lot because I'm busy reading!

Did you know that you can only follow 2,000 Twitter accounts?  Until you get "more' followers?
And that you can only follow 5,000 FB pages?  If every blog has their own FB page, then I should have run out of room SO long ago.  And in fact I have a few times...all of those worthless giveaway accounts, hah.


SPEAKING of giveaways...One of the fabric stores that sell ALL kinds of different material for sewing and crafting is hosting an awesome contest right now (that I just entered).  Hart's fabric has SO MUCH to look and choose from at reasonable prices.  Now you probably won't find entire collections of lines, but they have a bit of everything.  The contest is called: Pin it & Win it with Collette Patterns.  I LOVE Collette Patterns!  Most of the patterns are beginner or intermediate and are vintage patterns from the 50s!  You pick a pattern, the fabric you would use to sew it, and make a special board on Pinterest.  Then you can add some embellishments.  You win the Collette pattern (retails $19) and a $50 GC to Harts to use to buy your fabric and embellishments.  I really want to win this one!

 I chose a Retro small blue flower material with some red and white gingham materials that I think that would look cute with it.  I should add some material to make a petticoat! I also included some ribbon and ric rac that would look good on it.

 So the big one is the fabric I picked.  I LOVE retro vintage fabric so much.  From the top right going down are 5 fabrics that would go with the main fabric possibly.  The 6th & 7th fabric are tulle netting which I can use to make a petticoat!  Not sure what a petticoat is?  What about now?

Product Details
It's the big fluffy fabric you wear under a skirt to make it look bigger.  Think Poodle Skirt.

The corner is elastic that I can use to make a fabric belt.  On the bottom from left to right:  First 2: Decorative ribbon, red ric rac,  1" button kit to make fabric buttons to put on the back of the sleeves, then pink dotted tulle fabric to use in a petticoat.  I was hoping to find a red vintage fabric that is similar to the blue to make another dress out of.

So if you love sewing garments, go make a Pinterest board.  I'm assuming that you have a Pinterest account.  If you don't, it's super easy to do.  Just go to Pinterest.com and follow the simple directions.  Then make a special board for the contest. (but don't win!)