Happy Kitty Sewing: Google Reader and Feeder   

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader and Feeder

I'm a little behind, but I just noticed all the hype about Google dropping reader in July.   First, I would like to say that I think it's great of Google to give 3 months for us to transition to a new way to read our favorite blogs.  I've spent the last hour or so researching about Feedly, which I also see a lot of hype about today.  These are some of my thoughts about Feedly, Google Reader ending, and Bloglovin (which is a reader for blogs)

Some PROS:

  1. I LOVE Feedly.  I am really happy that Google is focusing on whatever they have to do, to make G+ work for them!
  2. The transition to Feedly is super easy.  You press ONE button, and it imports ALL your blogs from Google Reader into Feedly.  There is absolutely NO confusion about it.  You can also give permission for Feedly to access your Twitter and Facebook acounts.
  3. I love the way Feedly looks, which is SUPER important to me.  It's very uncluttered, which is good, because I felt Google Reader was very cluttered.  You can change the color and choose a theme.
  4. This is the best website I found that teaches you about Feedly.  It shows how to organize your Feedly, how to add blogs AND websites, how to organize your categories, and how to change your theme.  WATCH the 6 minute video.  It's so worth it! It gives you clear, concise information that you will love to know about Feedly.
  5. I LOVE how Feedly looks, in regards to displaying your blog's information.  It gives you the same options as Reader, to allow you to view the blog's name and post in a list, in a magazine view (which I find cluttered), in a list view that shows a pic from the post or if there's not a post-then the blogger's button, and you can choose to view just the post, post plus pics, or post plus pics and video.  It's a BIG improvement over Google Reader.  You can also choose 1 of 3 fonts to view your blog. 
  6. It makes adding a blog SO easy.  There's a mini tool at the bottom of the page, and you just click "Follow" and you can add it to a category. Super Easy!!!  You can choose what displays on this mini tool bar by choosing from Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Tumblr, Pinboard (??), and there are more that I can't recall at the moment.
  7. You can search within your blog using hashtags, OR you can use hashtags to search the web! Right on the top left of your screen!  
  8. If you love to keep your blogs organized into different categories, then this is the reader for you!  Unfortunately, I never organized my blogs into category, so to use this feeder to it's optimal use, I'm going to have to spend some hours doing that.  BUT when that's done, then I'm good to go!  And it will be SO easy to read my Quilting blogs or my Fashion blogs, or my Favorite Blogs.  ***I know this is the same as Bloglovin, but you can only follow a blog on Bloglovin that is signed up for BL.  On Feedly, you can follow ANY website and blog!
  9. That reminds me, that there is an option to have your favorite blogs appear first on your reader.  GO TO THE WEBSITE in #2!!!
  10. Feedly uses the information from your searches and other info, to suggest websites and articles that you may like, that you would otherwise not know about.  This may be what I like about Feedly the most.  I love quilting and sewing blogs.  If it can find and tell me about something awesome that I may miss, I'm going to be super grateful to Feedly :)  You can also "like" articles and posts, and this is part of the info Feedly takes in account to show you about those things you may miss.  So when you really Like something, then press that button!!
  11. Did I mention that there's an app for iPhone AND Android?
Some CONS: (about Reader leaving)
  1. You don't have GFC, which we all know shows how many followers you have to yourself and the whole world.  BUT you do have the same easy one-click of a button to follow a blog.
  2. As I was saying, Bloglovin is a reader for blogs, but it limits you because you can only follow blogs that are signed up for Bloglovin.  With Feeder, you can follow anything!
  3. ??? I don't know right now.  I'm sure there may be other issues that come up, but I feel confident that I will still be able to access and view everything that I love to read.
  4. A lot of my quilting blogs are not technically savvy.  Not all of them, but some of the older generation. I hope this doesn't deter them from posting!
Did I ever tell you that I love to READ your blogs more than I care to write on my blog?  Or that I would rather have 20 special followers than 1000 readers that I don't interact with?  I'm still learning how to interact with my readers, and take time to respond to the wonderful comments I get.  I feel like I'm in slow motion lately.  I have SOOO much to do.  A lot of people are going to be upset, because they aren't going to be able to display their numbers.  But really, I found your blog because I want to read it.  Not because I'm a number.  I love that I have readers, but I care about them reading what I write, not that they are a number.  If they have a random question about a disease or how many quilts I have mad, I would love to answer that, more than I have 100 readers because I signed up to be in a giveaway.  I know that's the main way to get readers, but I want the chance to have exposure THEN the reader can choose to follow me or not.  I have over 1000 blog subscriptions.  I will scan through them on the weekends, or when I have time.  I get my favorite blogs emailed to me, and I read those every day when I check my mail.  Blogdom isn't going to end because Google Reader is dissolving.  In fact, it opened a new door for me!  And I'm excited about the future!  

What are your opinions about Feedly?