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Monday, March 18, 2013

A few things by me

SO.  My 30 days of blogging in the middle did terrible.  So, I will start on April 2nd and continue to blog every day of April.  You can blame it on The Quilting Gallery having a blog hop with about 200 giveaways.  I won a few patterns, but that was it.  I need to stick to the blogging giveaways that I have more luck with.

You CAN follow my blog with the bloglovin button over there to the right.  It's been there for about 8 months, so no need to freak, you still have like 90 days to do something about that!  It's so funny to read about people melting down about such a non-important thing in life, when you really get down to it.  I really wish we could all get together and protest gas prices, and other important things.

I got my second Influenster box today, so I'll be blogging about that for the next few weeks, then I'll get down and dirty with my 30 days.

Super Awesome Girl

That's me testing out the last box.  I love free stuff, so I love Influenster!