Happy Kitty Sewing: New Blog Makeover   

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Blog Makeover

I need to write some stuff down before I go mad.

So last week, I wanted to rebrand my blog. The last 2 (ok, 4) years are definitely years I did NOT plan on. I have decided to NOT go back to nursing and to go back and finish my business degree instead.  The longer I decide on what I WANT to do, is nonproductive time and I can almost literally hear interest on my student loans ticking as each second goes by. So now that I have a plan, I feel a bit better.

So I have been changing a lot of loose ends in my life as well. I have a beautiful walk in closet, that is filled with clothes and junk I don't use. I have been working on getting that purged, and because of that, other areas in my life are cleaning up as well.

So that leads me back to the blog. I am really excited about working soon, because I have not bought myself any fabric in a really long time. This week I'm going to start on the skirts and dresses I want to make. I'm really excited!

So the header, background and main part are done. I still have to work on the sidebar and decide if I want to change those or keep the same accounts. I wont be able to work on that until later this week.

I have literally complained about Feedburner like 10 times over the last few years (as I was going through old posts). I usually get blogs I love emailed to me, so I can take time to read them when I'm out of the house or just so I don't miss them. I made a new email address last week, to get JUST BLOGS emailed to it. I spend like 4 hours on Saturday morning signing up to the blogs I HAVE to get to that email address. So this morning I'm checking my regular email, and Feedburner JUST started emailing them to me again. I can't figure out when it will and will NOT work, but I CAN tell you, as soon as I make a decision and do something about it, it WILL start working again. So I have been adding blogs I have forgotten to add to the new email address, and deleting them off my mail email address.

I hope it doesn't mess with my email subscribers to my blog, since I changed the URL as well. That is another 3493820th detail that I need to worry about later. (I have to figure out what's up with photobucket too)

Here is a picture of my beautiful cat  daughter's hedgehog for you to admire today :) His original name was Jacqueline after the First Lady.  Now HIS name is Jack. You can probably guess why. Hope everyone has a fantastic productive day, including myself as well.