Happy Kitty Sewing: Wanna know what I'm freaking excited about?!!   

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wanna know what I'm freaking excited about?!!

One of my favorite online ONLY fabric shops became a brick and mortar shop in Ann Arbor!  Which is 15 minutes away and two towns over from me!  I guess I should tell you the name...Pink Castle Fabrics!!!

I am SO excited!!!  I love contemporary fabrics and prints.  The only other fabric shop in Ann Arbor is HUGE and FULL of batiks :P  Batiks are those fabrics that look like watercolors.

So for example:   SUPER YUMMY GLIMMA collection by Lotta Jansdotter
Glimma - Fat Quarter Bundle from Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham

Super boring blah baik

Compared to that blue batik fabric (which i don't like in general). That one has peacock feathers swirled in.  Eh.  I just love the colorful prints better.  I so can't wait to visit.  The only negative thing is that they are only open until 5 pm.  I SO can't wait to take some lessons and do some serious shopping.  A lot of my favorite quilting bloggers order from Pink Castle fabrics.  And I actually get to GO there.  I almost cried when I went  to the only other fabric shop in Ann Arbor.  Because they had 10,000 bolts full of batiks, 5 bolts of noteworthy print, and awful garish novelty prints.  And it was super crowded by snobby Ann Aborites grandmothers.  The kind that pretend that you don't exist by cutting into line or stand out of the line and accuse you of cutting when you get in line after the person in front of you, but THEY decided to go look at other things and didn't notice you walk up, but still want their place and line, and want you to feel stupid by being super mean.  Yeah, full of those.  YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!

Now off to check my 150 more emails...