Happy Kitty Sewing: A new month!   

Monday, April 1, 2013

A new month!

Spring always makes me more happy!!!  I have a lot to do!  I'm starting my 30 Days of Blog Prompts.  My first day was posted back in March, but I will be starting Day 2 tomorrow.  If you want to see the list, or join me, check out The List.

Last summer, a ton of people participated in a blog hop that featured projects out of the Zakka Style book.  Zakka is a Japanese term that means "many things" and it's about the little things that improve your home and space.  The book had 24 projects, and different bloggers presented a tutorial.  THIS year, a new book called Zakka 2.0: Patchwork Please!, written by Ayumi Takahashi, was just released, and Ayumi and 19 of her blogging friends will be doing another round of Zakka.  I'm excited because I just started the blogging world last summer, and I remember all the cute projects everyone was doing!  This year I will be participating! YAY!  If you want to check out what kind of projects Ayumi makes, her blog is called Pink Penguin.  You can check out the details at Lindsey's blog:  LR Stitched.  The book is set to ship April 9th, although Amazon says you can get it by Wednesday.  The book retails for $22, but is going for $14.20 at Amazon right now.  I'm really excited, because this is the stuff I want to do!

I'm really excited YAY!!!

Some other stuff I'll be working on, is my Influenster products, so bear with me ;)  I know seeing the same thing in Blog World can be boring.  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and an awesome April Fool's Day.  Anything I think would be really funny, would be really inappropriate, so I'll be staying out of the festivities this year.

One more thing!  I just found out about a blog hop that started today, that gives you ideas and along with tutorials to keep your workspace nice, neat and pretty!  Heidi from Fabric Mutt put it together and it starts today!  Here's the list if you want to check it out and follow along:

If you want to follow along, the Girl Friday blog hop schedule is here:
Mon., April 1 — Heidi Staples @ Fabric Mutt
Tue., April 2 — Kristy @ Quiet Play
Wed., April 3 — Becca Bryan @ Bryan House Quilts
Thur., April 4 — Amanda Woodruff @ A Crafty Fox (You are here!)
Fri., April 5 — Lee Heinrich @ Freshly Pieced
Mon., April 8 — Svetlana Sotak @ SOTAK Handmade
Tue., April 9 — Beth @ Plum and June
Wed., April 10 — Taryn @ From Pixels to Patchwork
Thur., April 11 — Lori Hartman @ Lori H. Designs
Fri., April 12 — Leanne @ She Can Quilt
Mon., April 15 — Blog Hop Recap at Fabric Mutt

I just checked out her tutorial and it gives me a lot of ideas!

1.  Blog Prompts
2.  Finish Influenster Sugar 'n Spice VoxBox
3.  Finish (late) baby quilt
4.  Finish 3 books: 
  • Dr Phil's Life Code-Almost Done
  • Jennifer Weiner-Fly Away Home
  • Jodi Picoult-The Storyteller
5.  Clean my car and craft area
6.  Start a new project for May
7.  Use more pictures in my blog posts
8.  LOSE WEIGHT.-Post coming in future...
I think these are obtainable!

FOR FUN.  This is my Best Friend who works at a certain restaurant in Ann Arbor, and in January THAT GUY came in and got his picture taken with Dogg.  I didn't believe him because he tells me ridiculous stories that NO ONE should believe, but he gets me 75% of the time.  Another thing about this pic, is that he has lost SO MUCH weight in 3 months.  I resemble a stump that can't lose weight.  But I'm gonna do it!  I'm almost 120, and I can be happy at 109.  I used to weight 103, so I think it's a good middle point to aim for.  I'm 5 feet, so don't judge my numbers.  If we did proportions my 10 pounds equal 25 pounds on you!!
 My body decided to not work with me when it hit 30.  You hear the Horror Stories, but you don't think it will happen to you.  you think, whatever, I got this.  BUT YOU DON'T.  I was in a major denial, and then I hit 30.  Whatever genes make it hard to lose weight, also crave chocolate in a major way.

This is not the only thing the Easter Bunny brought me :/  My Easter requests after 30 years of yucky jelly beans and groddoid (Growd-oid) fake chocolate bunnies and coins were finally replaced with Reese's PB Eggs and a carrot full of Reese's Pieces, and mixed mini Hershey bars and a DoZen mini Cadberry 

Can YOU resist these?!!