Happy Kitty Sewing: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque   

Monday, February 11, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque

I have had the privilege to try out  Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque in Chocolate!  I have always loved face masks, and the more it dries your face and it peels off, the better!

I've never heard of this brand before I received this in my Influenster Holiday VoxBox '12, so I did some research about the company and this product on their website.  They have a wide variety of health care products for your skin and hair. They have over 20 different kinds of face masks that work for all skin types, such as dry skin or for break outs.  They have face masks made of natural ingrediants and frangrances (I TOLD you I wanted to eat mine!!!) that are muds, self heating, peels offs, creams, exotic fruits, and many more types. The website also says their beauty treats are free of parabens, vegetarian approved and never tested on animals! Bonus!

The Chocolate Masque is made with natural ingredients of cocoa, dead sea salt, and Mediterranean clay.  It deep cleanses your skin by unblocking pores and allowing impurities to be drawn out, and also hydrates and nourish your skin, says their website.

First you wash your face with warm water.  Then you apply the mask over your face and neck, avoiding your eyes and lips Then you relax for 10-15 minutes, or until dry.  Then you wash off with warm water and pat dry.  Sounds easy!

When I opened up the packet, a brown cream came from the packet and I immediately starting craving chocolate hard core. I was able to spread a thick layer on my skin, and had some left in the package.  I would advise that you have some around the house to eat while you are relaxing with your mask!  I opted to leave my mask on until it was completely dry, since I haven't had a good skin cleansing in awhile.
JUST applied!

Within 5 minutes of application, I could feel the tingling of the mask starting to work.  Within 15 minutes I can feel my face stiff in areas and it's hard to move my face. I can imagine all the yucky stuff being sucked out of my pores and dried up in the mud mask, and that makes me extremely happy!

Guess what is the best part that I haven't even told you yet?! Each packet is under $2 and you can find them at stores like Walmart, Ulta, Kroger, Walgreen's, and CVS.  I can NOT wait to get my little hands on some more of this!

I waited about 40 minutes for my mask to completely dry.  Then I removed it with warm water and a wash cloth.  My skin is SO SOFT and SMOOTH!!!  I need to stop touching my face, so I don't poison it since it's SO clean!  I'm super happy with the results!

I love EVERYthing about this product! The smell, texture, the amount you get in a packet, THE PRICE!, the variety of products AND "flavors" for your face plus other health care products, and especially the results! The ONLY negative thing about this experience, is that I couldn't find any chocolate to eat!  This is really embarrassing to admit, but since it was made out of natural ingredients, I couldn't resist tasting it!  It was salty, and not a Hershey Bar.  I WILL be purchasing many more for weekly facials. THANK YOU for allowing me to review this product!

I feel like I look like a Hobbit
I have the ability to make the ugliest faces in the world

Baby smooth!!!

Important Note: I disclose I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster in return for  my honest opinion.