Happy Kitty Sewing: Goody QuickStyle   

Monday, February 11, 2013

Goody QuickStyle

I really like this brush. I received the Goody QuickStyle Paddlebrush in my Influenster Holiday VoxBox '12. It's a really nice brush. What makes this brush special, is that it advertises that it will dry your hair 30% faster!  I also love the way it looks. The handle brush part is silver with an anti-slip grip on the handle.  The brush part has this really absorbent microfiber that is antimicrobial that looks like blue fluff. On the side of the paddle part, it has holes so the absorbed water has somewhere to evaporate, I'm assuming, so the brush doesn't get funky.

 I was really hesitant to believe that this super special brush would help my hair dry 5 minutes faster, but it did!  I have super thick, coarse red hair.  It takes at least 15 minutes to dry my hair.  Goody also recommends that you can detangle your hair right out of the shower, and continue to use it to blow dry.  Well, I took up that challenge.

I took a shower and shampooed and conditioned my hair.  When I got out, I dried off, put my hair in a turban  and got dressed.  My hair was pretty saturated when I was ready to start blowing it out.  I have to admit, what usually took 15 minutes, only took about 10 minutes.  When I don't blow dry my hair, and just brush it, this brush absorbs a lot of water.  Usually when I put my hair up, it can still be wet by the holder 6 hours later.  When I use the brush, it doesn't do that.  I really love this brush!  Go check out Goody's Product page to see the other great brushes they have.

I would definitely recommend this brush to people like me, who have thick hair that takes long to dry.  It costs around $12.99 at your usual stores that sell brushes, like Target or Walgreens.  I think that's a fair price, for what this brush is able to do.

What I liked about this brush, is that it looks cool plus it lives up to it's claim of shortening your hair drying time.  Any time I have extra in the morning , is a blessing, so this brush is perfect for me.  I'm grateful that Goody and Influenster allowed me to review it.  I don't have anything critical to say about this brush.  It doesn't hurt your scalp or pull out hair, which is also important.  Thank you for allowing me to give my opinion!

Important Note: I disclose I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster in return for  my honest opinion.