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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress

The box it came in.
I was lucky to be able to try out this product.  I was leery, because any "press on" nail product that I had tried in the past, was a major let down.  Kiss has came out with a new product called Nail Dress.  My product is named Teddy, and was black with different sized gold gems on the nail.  I really liked the ones that they sent me.  There are 21 styles to choose from.

This was my style, "Teddy

So when I opened the box, I got an instructional booklet and a nail filer.  I love the way it was packaged with the little nail filer on the top.  It came with 4 pages of different sized stickers that you can use on your hands and feet, so you have a complete matching mani-pedi.  I thought this was going to be a time consuming process, but it was actually simple and took about 15 minutes.

 After you make sure your hands and nails are clean, you should file and smooth your nails.  Then you select the size that fits on the nail.  The sticker is shaped with a straight end and a curved end.  You match the curved end up with your cuticles.  Then apply the sticker, and you are going to smooth it on the nail starting from the center.  Next you fold down the excess over your nail edge, and file the excess off.  You will use the black side of your file to file off excess from jeweled strips and the pink side for the fashion strips.  Since I had jewels, I used the black size.  I found that you could remove the excess with a few swipes of the file.  It was that easy!!  When you want them off, you just peel them off and they're gone without any damage to your nail.  The instructional booklet provided some ideas, like using just the tips of the nail by cutting them off with scissors.  There are endless possibilities what you can do with your nails by using nail polish with Kiss .dress strips.  To do your toes, you match up the square ends with your cuticles. SO easy, and no drying or smudging!

The curved end is on the bottom. 

The box claimed that the nails will last up to 10 days.  After a couple days, my nail ends looked a little ragged, so I took them off.  Because of the gems on the nails, the sticker kept snagging my hair any times I had a slight itch or smoothed my hair.  I would definitely use this product for a special occasion and be very happy with the results.  I know if I choose the nail dress without the gems, that they would probably last longer.  I got a lot of compliments on my nails and how I was able to do that.  People were surprised when I told them it took less than 15 minutes, and how simple it was!

The back of the box

Instruction Booklet

Overall, I really liked this product.  The design was really cool with the different sized gems on the black background.  It was simple to put on and easy to remove the excess.  It took less than 15 minutes for what looked like a professional manicure!  The only thing that I didn't love about this product, was that the gems kept snagging in my hair when I touched it.  I think that made the ends look snagged, like the sticker was starting to shrivel up.  I think next time I would omit the gems.  I can't wait to try out the different kinds.  If I have a special event, I will definitely wear these.

Another bonus about these nail dresses, is that healthcare professionals cannot wear artificial nails and we need to keep our nails short so we don't injure the patient by scratching them.  This product is cool because we can stick these on for a few days, and take them off before we go back to work!

Kiss Nail Dresses retail for around $6.99, and you can find them at all major drug store chains, like CVS and Walgreens  and mass retailers, such as Walmart.  I think this is a fair price, for a product that lasts 10 days, and looks so professional.  You don't have to worry about smudging your nails after they are painted, and for me, this process of 15 minutes with no worry of messing up my nails, compared to an hour of perfect nail painting and 2 hours of smudging, is definitively worth it!

You can read my review here on Influenster.
Important Note: I disclose I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster in return for  my honest opinion.