Happy Kitty Sewing: 5 Things   

Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Things

I have ignored this blog for so long, and I made a commitment to be more active on here. So, I'm grabbing this idea and using it on myself.

Five Things:

1.  I'm 5 feet tall exactly, natural red head with blue eyes.

2.  I'm 33 years old...but look 16.  I get carded for scratch off lottery tickets.  It's ridiculous.

3.  I was "16 and pregnant".  I had Ash when I was 17, the summer before my senior year.  I finished HS and went to Eastern Michigan University with dreams of being an accountant-super exciting, huh?  I needed a job to support both of us, and I picked it based on the average gross income for an accountant.

4. My junior year at EMU, (2000) that big scandal happened during the Presidential Election with Bush and Gore, I was in the College of Business and freaked because I hated everyone around me.  They were talking about the Stock Market, and they were Extreme Type A people, and it freaked me out that I was going to be working with people like this for the rest of my life.  I SWITCHED MY MAJOR TO NURSING.

5. I graduated from EMU with my Bachelor's in the Science of Nursing.  I passed the NCLEX on the first try, and thought it was super easy.

So those five things are the backbone of my life.  I think I'll post these every so often.

Today is a SNOW DAY, and I'm going to go enjoy it.  I hope everyone is safe in the Blizzard and have power and heat!