Happy Kitty Sewing: Jammin January Jiveaway!   

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jammin January Jiveaway!

Jammin January Jiveaway!:

Brought to you by Whispering Sweet Nothing's Shane P.,
Ten Winners in 6 contests:

1. Coffee Lovers DreamJackellynTinaAllieStephanieRachel
-$50 Starbucks GC
-coffee &mug
-Large Ad Space

2. Comfy CozyLeanneMeganJasmyneTabethaLuisaKim Danielle

-Custom beanie
-bath &body set
-5 pairs fluffy ear warmers
-Custom owl pillow
-Cup Cozy
-$10 just B you credit
-reversible tote

3. Accessory Queen:   DeandraJuanitaKellyMindyErinBreannaAlliSharon, Kym
-Jewelry + 250x400 ad space
-Teardrop hoop earrings
-3 bracelets
-Mum earrings + large ad space
-Go Jane Prize package
-3 custom hair bows
-$20 Allena Mistral Designs
-Bronze & Pave bracelet
-Charmed bracelet

4. Jack of All Trades: KristineBetsyKristenMeaganSabzRenee
-$10 Target GC + Medium ad space
-Large ad space + Pampered Chef cookbook
-$10 Paypal cash
-2 styled outfits
-$10 Ulta
-$25 Sephora

5. Photog's Delight:  EmilyAmandaKarlyPhoebe
-$50 to Anna Delores Photography
-Valentines Day Print
-8x10 print
-$20 to English Breakfast

PLUS these 5 blog winnings: 
I love my blog #1
>> Large ad space
>> Large ad space
>> Top Notch ad space
>> 200x200 ad space
>> A year of ad space ($120!)
I love my blog #2
>> Custom blog header, intro, button
>> 220x220 ad space
>> XL ad space
>> Large ad space
>> 2 months 300x350 ad space + two 200x200 Newsletter features

I love my blog #3
>> Large ad space
>> 2 months medium ad space
>> Full custom modern/sleek Blog design
>> Supercool ad space
>> Really really big ad space     

I love my blog #4
>> 2 hours virtual assistance + guest post
>> 200x200 ad space
>> Dating ad space
>> 3 months XL ad space
>> Medium ad space

          I love my blog #5
>> Ultimate ad space
>> Custom post signature
>> Large ad space
>> 200x200 ad space
>> Custom blog planner

alllllllll wrapped into one rafflecopter at the end. So 6 all together. Go enter!

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