Happy Kitty Sewing: Influenster Holiday VoxBox   

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Influenster Holiday VoxBox

You have probably seen a lot of reviews for the Influenster Holiday VoxBox in the last month in blog land.  I was lucky to receive one of these awesome boxes as well.

First, let me tell you about Influenster.  This is the definition that I pulled from their website: :"Influenster is a free-to-join community of invited trendsetters who live to give opinions of products and experiences".

So one day I stumbled upon their website. I don't remember exactly how that happened.  First I filled out a survey that asked what social media I used, and how many people followed me, and my age and if I had any kids.  Basically, they were checking me out to see if I had enough friends, so they could send me free stuff to try out and review.  I am proud to say I passed!  I think it also had to do with my age and that I have an awesome daughter!  I was waiting to write this post so I could include pictures from my iphone.  

***Sad break in informational review: My aunt's dog has been staying with us while my uncle is in the hospital.  She's a papillion. (pap-e-on).  She's a tiny dog that looks exactly like this:
Her name is Zoey.  I allow Zoey on my bed, but for some reason, she has this deep burning desire for me to ASK HER to join me.  She will sit and cry, until I look for her and say "Come on up, Zoey!"  It can be really annoying.  Especially when the covers are a certain way, and she won't jump up until they are moved.  

So anyway, she pulled this on me at 4 a.m. a few weeks ago.  I was super groggy and thristy.  I sat up and started to yell at her to come up.  As much as one can yell, when their croaky voice won't work because their mouth/throat/voice maker is so dry. I reached for my tea on my night stand from the night before.  Then I reached to move the covers over and knocked the tea somehow, and the lid came off and soaked through my duvet blanket. Real quick, my duvet is filled with my Ikea down comforter-which is at least an 9 out of their handy 1-10 scale to rate how "hot" their comforters are.  THEN, it soaked through my second Ikea down comforter-which is a #3, and is comfortable to use in winter AND summer. THEN, is soaked through my super soft, favorite sheets onto my really old, super thin, (useless) down comforter that I use as a "pillow top" for my mattress. The good thing, is that the tea didn't seem to permanently stain anything.  I haven't washed my down comforters yet, and will not until winter is over.

So it's 4 a.m. and I got a dilemma.  Do I get up and take care of this or do I just roll over to the other side of my King bed?  OF COURSE, I rolled over.  I had my iphone by my head so I could hear the alarm go off.  Well, some time between 4 a.m. and noon, my iphone traveled from it's original point of origin, to the end of the bed where the almost-now-damp tea spot is.  The outside of my phone was a bit sticky, but I never dared to think it was ruined for life.  AND it was.  I went to the Apple store and they wanted $149 to fix it.  The technician pissed me off and I complained about him.  NOTE: If you work for a phone store, and someone says "But I didn't even spill, drop, hit, throw, fill in the blank, ECT"in response to you telling them the price of repair.  They are probably in shock at the price, and really don't expect you to reply with what I am about to tell you next.

  DO NOT SAY, "I don't know, MAM, I didn't come to live with your phone, so I don't know how this happened."  If you say it to someone like me, you WILL get told on.  While he put together my phone, I advised him not to say "stupid shitty things like that to people".  

So he quickly put my phone back together so I could get out of there.  I was with a friend that is mellow and totally non-confrontational, meaning he doesn't care if people get shitty with him.  He can smile, walk away, and go on with his day.  I am not that type.  So I told his manager on him.  Don't assume that the manager wears a different colored shirt.  They don't.  They all wear the same color. The manager did the same exact thing that the rude technician "genius" did, and told me the same bad news. That day was January 4th.  How long am I going to have to go without a phone?  I have reviews to publish!!!

***End of sad phone story.

So a few weeks ago I received a box in the mail with a bunch of goodies to try out!!!  I'll be posting about them tomorrow.  I got the same things  as everyone else, so no big surprises there!

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