Happy Kitty Sewing: MIA   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have totally been MIA for a month.  I've been working really hard on filling out nursing applications!!!  So far I haven't heard anything back, but it's only been about week, and that's kinda normal.  I've been playing The Sims on facebook between apps, and have kinda been wasting all my free time on that.  So I'm going to start spending a little more time on my blog this month.

I'm SUPER excited for tomorrow!  Since the iphone 5 just came out, they are having a sale for the iphone 4.  I'm getting the free version, which has a lower quality camera and sans Siri, but I'm ok with that.  I don't like people telling me what to do anyway :)  I got the white one, and I'm SO excited to be able to post pics to my blog.

October is one of my favorite months (after May).  Halloween (again, one of my favorite "holidays") is going to be on a Wednesday this year.  I had a dream it was going to be 70 degree out, so I'm excited to see if I'm psychic.  Last year I bought a fox costume from Party City.  I'm short, 5ft exactly!, so it didn't look really slutty on me.  Do you guys remember Tails?  He was Sonic the hedgehog's bff?  That is kinda what I want to look like.  The costume is awesome because it has a HUGE fluffy tail that you pin to the back so it sticks up.  The color is a weird orange color, but the tail is super cute.  It has a hood with ears.  Last year I found a pair of orange tights at Target that goes pretty well with the color of the dress.  The belly is white, and I remember having to fix the bodice so my goods weren't exposed.  I got a pair of black go-go boots that look cute, and I drew a black little nose on my face.  I'm SOOO excited to wear it.

....did I mention that I have gone trick or treating my entire life except for last year and 13 years ago?  I have a 16 year old, so I have always dressed up and have taken her over her dad's sister's sub to go trick or treating with her dad (sometimes), her Nana (his mom), and her cousins (two girls, one boy-all younger), with me and my mom.  The "grown ups" minus me, would walk around the neighbor hood and stay on the sidewalk while the kids went door to door.  It's a pretty nice, newer, subdivision.  The houses are worth 200-300K.  The year before, I could tell the candy distribution was kinda skimpy compared to the years before...damn recession.  But yeah, I would usually dress up in a sheep costume my sister had made in high school for something, which was a jogging suit turned inside out, with this cute sheep head mask that covered my face.  It also had a bell that I took off after the first year.  And I would get candy as well.  I figured since I was A) five feet tall B) still look like a teen and C) doing physical activity, then I might as well cash in for the goods.  I would let the kids trade me for any candy, except my Reese cups.  Usually I would end up with a million of those, because the kids didn't like them very much. Score!! It was so much fun.  I hope that my daughter will want to go this year, I know she is NOT going to be like me, and will continue going after she is 18.  In fact, she usually wimps out with the youngest cousins, and me and her cousin L will keep going until the lights go off, which is about 8pm here.

We also live a half block away from The Pumpkin Factory, which I will definitely post pics of this week.  They sell pumpkins, some really old masks and Halloween supplies, and super expensive (but delicious) apple cider and donuts.  My daughter visited this past weekend, and the cider that cost $3/gallon last year is $6/gallon this year.  They said the "apple blossoms" were effected this year...I'm not sure if she meant by the heat or the drought...but I guess it doesn't matter, the price is still the same.  I'm so excited to show you what they have to make you smile!