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Monday, September 10, 2012

Have you ever been without your phone?  Or more specifically your smartphone?  I'm dying.

It's my fault for not trying harder to get a job.  Now I'm wading through these agency jobs and mess of home care jobs, and I can't work at those right now.

Anything that I love, I go to the extreme.  I love books.  I don't have a lot of money, so I shop Salvation Army or a few yard sales and buy 20 books for 20 bucks, instead of a few.  At the library, I can't decide, and end up with 2 bags of books.  WHO reads 30 books FOR FUN in 3 weeks?  Ok, well, I know I can, but I usually don't end up doing that.  I end up reading half...then end up owing $50 of shame, because I am embarrassed to take back 30 books after being late for a week...then the guilt drives me crazy until I take all those unread books back to where they belong.  Most likely, I will recheck them out in the future...

...I don't have my phone...The side is broken from using more than one charger.  Did you know that can happen? Like I'm supposed to take my phone charger everywhere with me to charge my phone.  I just found out, that your battery can die and become impossible to deal with, if you don't charge your phone the right way.  What makes sense is to plug your phone in at night, charge it while you're sleeping, and wake up refreshed with a cell phone with a full battery.  Not quite.  You know that annoying beep that happens when the battery is charged?  That's when it wants to be off the chain.  The battery becomes abused in some way from being "over-charged" or plugged in too long.  So those two things have broke down my phone.

I live in between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan.  ANOTHER cop in West Bloomfield (which is supposed to be a ritzy part of Michigan), was shot and killed.  A man with 4 young kids.  At this moment they are tearing apart a mansion with a bulldozer to get the gunman out to take him to jail.  What the hell goes through people's mind to justify this?  What makes you think you can take a gun and threaten someone's life?  This is the same town where the Grandmother killed her grandson that was supposed to be on K-2.  Maybe something is in the water.  To me, it's just unbelievable that I share the world with people like this.

***EDIT: I guess I was wrong.  He was the first fatality in West Bloomfield.  There is also a city called BLoomfield (obviously to the east), that I know that officers have been killed.  Last week, a man of 4 kids was found in his driveway shot and killed, no one even looked outside because gun shots are the norm.  Guess what city that is?!   Lovely, Detroit.  You can only guess how many deaths I see on the news everyday being a part of Metro Detroit, in Wayne County.  I actually live closer to Washtenaw county, thank God.  THIS weekend, the one of Mayor Bing's 20 assigned unmarked police cars was stolen in front of his mansion.  I think it's more probable that the world will end, before Detroit gets cleaned up.