Happy Kitty Sewing: Why does time fly?   

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why does time fly?

I don't know what it is, but time has been going by SO FAST.  I am majorly behind in almost everything I have to do in life.  I have it written down, but I surely haven't done most of it. Some of the things I hope to accomplish this month:

Finish Flutter
Quilt a friend's quilt
Send Allison her gift (I SUCK!)
Get the stuff for said gift. Suckage squared.
Send back my shoes and get the right size
"cash in" all my store credit from the various stores I have credit (and show you)
Finish my staple dress
Take Made by Rae's Learn to make a skirt class at Pink Castle Fabrics next week
Go to the meetup tomorrow and not punk out from anxiety
Finish my requirements
Reminisce my allergy test with you 
Find proper vitamins and actually take them

But the main one I want to concentrate on...is lose some weight.

Add to Goals:
Drink 64 oz water minimum
Exercise-walk everyday, and increase daily.
Calculate calories
Journal: diet/exercise
Look up FitBit

I actually had an allergy test done when I was around 10.  If you want to spend a day in Hell, go get yourself one!!  What they do is make you strip your top (which is super embarrassing when you are 10 years old and sitting with your Mom), then make about 40 numbered circles 1-40 (or however many it is) in Sharpie on your back.  Then the Sadist with every allergan known to man comes in, and drops a miniature drop or two of an allergen numbered 1-40 in the corresponding circle on your back. The allergen has a mystery number so you don't have a psychosomatic reaction to something (just kidding, I made this part up), but you won't know what the mystery is after the test.  Believe me, it sounds intriguing before the test, but that's before you find out that you really ARE allergic to something.

 To make sure this is done without any mistakes and to prevent spillage and cross contamination into other allergens to produce a False Positive (or a Super Allergen if you are allergic to both!), the Dropper Nurse will go slowly as possible.  Most likely you WILL be allergic to the first five on your shoulder, then some on your lower back, a couple spots mid back, then a cluster on the other shoulder.  You are told to "lie still for 15 minutes" to absorb the mystery numbered allergens.  If you are extremely allergic, you will have an anaphylactic reaction, and they have epinephrine shots loaded to go to stick in your arm.  If you are "highly allergic" it will start to burn and itch like a new strand of Super Mosquito just bit you.  You can't scratch or you will cross contaminate the test.  If you "highly" allergic to more than 3 things, the test will make you cry.  I advise getting this as an adult, so your Mom doesn't get to tell you "STOP it. and DON"T you dare touch!" about every 35 seconds, alternating and getting more and more pissed at you as the seconds slowly tick by.  If you DO have your Mom come, you will ask "is it over? it is almost time?" more than ALL the "are we there yet?"s combined.  Once your test starts, you are warped into another dimension where a second of time here is really half a day there.  I cried because I was so pissed.  I didn't have allergies, and if I did I didn't know it at the time.

Finally the stupid test was over.  Guess what I was allergic to? Cat dander, dust, and hayfever things and some kind of plants.  Normal allergens that almost everyone has a reaction to.  No food allergies. Nothing important.

I don't understand, if time is a constant, than why does it change in reality?  Does anyone else find this weird? Oh, and does anyone have a FitBit?? or some other techie band that calculates every movement of your day? I think that would really motivate me.