Happy Kitty Sewing: Things I've been meaning to do, but have failed at Life   

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Things I've been meaning to do, but have failed at Life

1.  Get a better blog pic.  Like I haven't taken a better pic of myself since last June?

2.  Get a new job.  Subbing is HELL.  I hate it.  The funness and newness have definitely worn off.  I can't seem to get a job older than Grade 3.  I'm sure you have lovely kids, so don't be offended.  But they are not fun in a group of 30.  And I have the weirdest interactions with teachers (when they are in the building doing learning things for teaching).  Oh, 5 out of your 30 kids aren't Hellions, and they come up to me, to personally thank me for yelling at them that much because they never listen because they have headaches every day?  Do I include these private comments back to the teacher?  Probably not, if I want to come back.

3. Clean out my car

4.  Sew the binding on this baby quilt I made.  But I'm kinda confused, then looked it up, thought I knew what I was going to do, then got kinda confused when I sat back down to do it, a week later.

5.  Finish my 2 books by Monday so I can focus solely on Item 2 until I obtain that goal.

6.  Finish testing these Influenster products.  How hard is it to walk to the bathroom with 3 items to set by the sink so I remember to use them?  Apparently very.

7.  Um.  I watching some Ghost hunter show until the top of the hour.  Some chick freaked bc she just touched "by something" and is freaking bc she couldn't see it.  She's about as great as a Ghost Hunter than I am as a sub.  maybe I should email her to see if we can switch jobs.  Ooh, she's pregnant, so she obviously likes kids!

8.  Does anyone get so emotional and sad for people on gameshows that are losing, that you can't watch gameshows? I have always rooted for the oldest person since I discovered gameshows at the age of 5.  But lately, I can even watch them.  I would LOVE to know, if anyone gets like this too.