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Sunday, May 13, 2012

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So far, I have only really blogged on giveaways other bloggers are having.  Or have put my favorite places to visit, as a button on the right side of the blog.  Go on, click it!  You'll get to go to some awesome sites.  I'm a beginning quilter.  Now saying this, I haven't actually finished a quilt yet.  I've finished a cozy flannel blanket, and 3 sashes for winners of a chili cook-off (think beauty pageant sash). I have a simple Singer 2932, and JUST got my free motion darning foot today.  The lady at the Viking store told my mom that it would throw my machine out-of-whack and mess up the tension.  I think I could attempt to correct the tension, but I'm not positive.  I haven't read anything so far, about this particular foot messing up my machine.  I'm kinda nervous to use it, but I have A TON of projects I want to finish.

My List of Important Projects to Finish

  1. My Owl quilt
  2. Dad's quilt
  3. Mom's quilt
  4. Aunt Deb's Hexi lap quilt
  5. Sherry's blanket
  6. 3 more for Sherry's kids
  7. Nate's quilt
  8. Moda-walk in the woods quilt
  9. Wall Hanging of Angie
  10. Charm quilt-blue plaid
  11. Keith's quilt
  12. Ash's dog quilt
  13. Riley Blake-Rolie Polie 
  14. Bday Journal
I know I'm forgetting something...

Once I get started on my sewing, I am going to post more on my projects.  I just not quite there yet.  I love looking and reading about fabric online and what others are doing with it.  

A lot of the reason why I blog about the giveaways, is that it gives me another chance for entry into the contest.  This week I plan on posing on my winnings as soon as my last prize comes in the mail.  I really hope to win something this week! Wish me luck :)